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901 F.C. Copenhagen The Danish Champions A great chant sung when we're the champions! Afspilningsliste
1000 F.C. Copenhagen Fight for the Capital Awesome sound - A proud chant about the colours of the city Afspilningsliste
1241 F.C. Copenhagen Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo A chant where the FC Copenhagen crowd take their arms around each other and jumps to the sound of the drums and sing. Afspilningsliste
1616 F.C. Copenhagen We Are from FC We go to football - and sing out loud! Afspilningsliste
1681 F.C. Copenhagen We Are the Pride of the City Dressed in white and blue... Afspilningsliste
2122 F.C. Copenhagen Here Comes Copenhagen Copenhagen alléz! Afspilningsliste
2239 F.C. Copenhagen Rather Die Than Live in Brøndby Parken is the stadium of F.C. Copenhagen Afspilningsliste
2363 F.C. Copenhagen Lo Lo Lo Lo FC Simple, loud chant from Copenhagen Afspilningsliste
2598 Sonderjyske Haderslev Chant for the homecity of SønderjyskÉ - Haderslev Afspilningsliste
2697 F.C. Copenhagen We'll Be Coming Down the Road! Only part of the chant - sorry Afspilningsliste
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2791 F.C. Copenhagen The Boys of Stonebridge During the chant, the crowd fist alternately their hands up in the air. First left, then right. Afspilningsliste
3381 F.C. Copenhagen Together with the Boys in the Stands Who wants to stay at home when its matchday? Afspilningsliste
4009 Brøndby IF I Think of It Jeg Tænker På Det - No clapping in this song as it kills the tempo Afspilningsliste
4127 FC Midtjylland We'll Always Be the 12th Man FC Midtjylland - Vores Hjerter Slår Afspilningsliste
6602 Brøndby IF Seen It All and More Set Det Hele Og Mere Til Afspilningsliste
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